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Welcome to The Gabriel House

We are a 501(c)3 Not for Profit Corporation accredited by the State of Florida through The Florida Association of Christian Child Caring Agencies.

Our History

The home provides a loving and compassionate, Christian environment which does not discriminate against race, creed or color.

Support for Children

The Gabriel House is registered by the Florida Association of Christian Child Caring Agencies (FACCCA), by Statute 409.176 of the State of Florida. All financial support is raised by private donations, grants, in-kind gifts and remembrances in wills or trust funds.

Children at The Gabriel House

Thank you! Your prayerful and financial support has fulfilled The Gabriel Mission to: rescue, house, clothe, feed, educate and offer the best medical help possible.

These goals have been the backbone of The Gabriel House for twenty-seven years. It is our constant prayer to continue servig these very special children. Our mission has not changed! However, the clulture and financial world in which we work and serve the children has changed. We find the Gabriel Ministry on the periphery of a growing dangerous and volitle society. However, the Lord is in charge! As we noted, our goals have not changed. Without question, without hesitation, in obedience to His call, we will contiue to serve His special children. We go forward sharing His healing love…knowing all things are renewed by His healing power. Thank you for your support and God bless you!

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How It All Started

It all started in 1991 with a mission outreach in the volatile country of Haiti. Anne Ravish was there to help Nadage, a blind child with congenital cataracts. Her trip turned into a nightmare of violence. However, in the midst of the coup, her vision of a home for abandoned and medically needy children filled her every moment. That vision became The Gabriel House.

About Ed & Annie Ravish

The founders of The Gabriel House, Edward and Annie R. Ravish, besides having abundant love and compassion for hurting children, include for Ed, a BA, MA from Rhode Island College and a Master of Social Work from the University of Connecticut. Annie Ravish has taken numerous Special Ed courses at St. Joseph College and the University of Connecticut. Annie has extensive experience in working with autistic and severely handicapped children. Her experiences include working with adolescent delinquents and supervision of a nursing facility for severely physically and mentally disadvantaged children.

Over 25 Years of Service

After twenty five years of service to abandoned and medically needy children on a local, national and international level, many, many, children have been able to call The Gabriel House their home. Ten children have been adopted here in Lee County from The Gabriel House. The volunteer staff has helped in emergency situations by caring for local and out of state children while permanent placement arrangements were completed. Several children with parents in prison have also been helped. It is a community mission and a serious out reach mission which gives The Gabriel House the opportunity to respond to those specific community needs.

The Mission is to provide a loving and supportive home atmosphere for children who have been abandoned, neglected physically, emotionally and medically. This residential home focuses on children from birth to six years old. It is geared to help children reach their very highest level of independence and functioning.

There are goals necessary to fulfill the mission. We call it "Rescue the Children's Mission," fulfilled by a vision to care for, feed, clothe, house, educate and find quality medical care for the children, literally in many cases, rescued from abandonment and death. The vision encompasses special care so the children are not placed in state health or mental facilities for the rest of their lives. They receive guidance, love and attention needed to empower them to live a full life and become contributing members in our society. They become an investment in our future through the nurturing care and positive direction given them by the volunteer Gabriel staff.

The Gabriel House is accredited by the State of Florida, through Florida Statute 409.176. It is a credit to all the folks who have through the years volunteered their time and have faithfully prayed and financially supported the Gabriel House ministry and precious children. On behalf of these special "kids," we Thank You!

We count on your generous donations.

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