The Gabriel HouseThe Gabriel House is a Loving, Compassionate, Christian Home for Abandoned, Displaced, Underprivileged and Medically Needy Children.

The mission of The Gabriel House is unique, that is to rescue children who have been abandoned, discarded and who are in need of medical treatment. The vision is to rescue, rehabilitate and help these children reach their highest level of independence and functioning. The home provides a loving compassionate Christian environment which does not discriminate against race, creed or color. The target population is focused on children from birth to six years old. The healing power of love flowing freely to little children, coupled with the necessary medical treatment, has been close to miraculous. Over the past twenty years, many, many children have been rescued, medically treated and adopted across the United States.

However, the healing does not stop after the medical treatment. The children take with them into their adoptive families a very powerful source of love. Whole families have been blessed and healed by this love. Keeping in mind Luke 9:48, when we receive children into The Gabriel House, we receive the Son and when we receive the Son we receive the Father who sent the Son. There is no greater healing power for children and families.

Background and Qualifications:
The founders of The Gabriel House, Edward and Annie R. Ravish, besides having abundant love and compassion for hurting children, include for Ed, a BA, MA from Rhode Island College and a Master of Social Work from the University of Connecticut. Annie Ravish has taken numerous Special Ed courses at St. Joseph College and the University of Connecticut. Annie has extensive experience in working with autistic and severely handicapped children. Her experiences include working with adolescent delinquents and supervision of a nursing facility for severely physically and mentally disadvantaged children.



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